Friday, January 11, 2013

Feeling Blah...

Lately I've been feeling super...blah.

Not sick exactly. But not perfectly healthy either. Well I'm never perfectly healthy. But I've not been feeling up to Aimee "standards".

It started New Year's Eve. We were running around doing errands and about 5pm I got a weird pressure on the top right of my head. It went away after a few minutes so I didn't think too much of it.

Then I went to a little New Year's Eve get together and had fun. :). Thanks Stacie & Tony! Then the next day I slept ALL day! I had to be awoken to eat. My head was doing a weird pulsating thing, on the right side.

10 days later I still have that throbbing pain!! With that pain, I've lost some eyesight in my right eye. I'm extremely tired. I could sleep all day.

It feels like my brain or something in my skull just keeps moving. It is super annoying.

My body feels intensely weak now, if I over work myself like doing laundry or vacuuming etc...the pulsating gets more intense. My memory is also fading. Well maybe fading isn't the right word, but the word I should use, I can't find. Which leads me to my next problem. I have serious brain fog. I can't remember people's names, I can't remember where certain roads are. I can't remember if I did certain things. To make you feel better, I'm not driving much. I drove to school and back twice which is in the same neighborhood just once this week.

My whole body feel just bleh. I feel bleh. I feel like a terrible mom and wife. However, thru all this I am still doing laundry, still cooking, still doing dishes, still vacuuming, still volunteering at my daughters school and still trying to find things to laugh about. If I didn't laugh, I would get majorly depressed, and not want a solution. But I do. My life is just getting good.

I've lost some weight in the last month. I looked in the mirror, and I was very shocked to see I have cheekbones. I can't believe how shocked I was by that. I'm not working out but I am trying to eat better, that's for sure.

Well, I need to stop this now as my tingling fingers (and brain) are getting lots worse. I'm probably not making any sense at all either. I'm going to try to post in between my sleepiness some positiveness or something. :)