Thursday, December 25, 2008


I (we) go to Costco quite often.  So obviously we have the ExecutiveMembership Card.  Everytime I go to Costco, the stupid lady standing at the doors, will ask me…out of the 5 other people entering at thes ame time I am, for my card.  Do the others have their cards out, to show her? NOPE!  She specifically asks ME! Why?  I dunno, but its getting kind of annoying.  Do I not look like the type to have a membership?  Seriously!!!  You can’t purchase anything without a card (unless you’re with someone else), so whats the big deal?  Stop only asking me!!! :) Thanks! :)


Monday, December 22, 2008


I left this post untitled, cause I’m sort of speechless…or without words. LOL

We’ve been blessed this Christmas Season all in a matter of 24 hours it seems like.  Finances are tight with us, especially our situation with our renter. People have obviously noticed that.  We’re okay its just tight.  We’d just gone Christmas shopping-and did really well on the whole purchasing things for everyone, didn’t spend a lot etc…I think maybe we spent 60 bucks for EVERYONE.  I had taken care of a FEW things last month, but that was only our Mom’s.
Dave was given a 100$ gift card, that we used  to buy the presents, and I think he’s saving the rest to go towards a new phone-but i’m not sure.  Dave also won a $50 dollar gift card for paying our Geico Bill.  How lucky is that?!?!  He’s also been able to work on a side freelance project that might give him some extra money soon-here’s hopin’!!!  Also, I suppose our neighborhood collects money for someone that might need it more than they would…They do it instead of giving neighbor gifts and all of that.  I think thats awesome.  Wish I would’ve known about it, when they were collecting.  Well turns out, they thought we needed it!  It was $250 bucks, and was delivered last nite.  Its SOO gonna help us get some bills taken care of, and of course we were able to go spend just a LITTLE BIT more on some gifts.  It really helps us to know that people do think about other people at this time of year, and that we are ALL family when it comes down to it.  We’ve never had anyone be nice to us like this at this time of year (or any time of year, honestly) so it is way nice.  Really opens up my opinions of people in the neighborhood. :)
I really love it when Stress is just taken care of!!!
Now if Dave and I can just get a vacation without kids, that would make things SOOO much better. LOL
So, back to my crafting, i wait too long to get things done.  WHY?!?!?!?!

*Forgot to add…New job might be on the horizon for Dave, and that would be sad to leave his job, but ummm more pay, is AWESOME! ;)  Good things just keep coming!  DON”T STOP!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been tagged a few times to this “QUIRK” thing.  We’re supposed to think of 6 unusual quirks ya have then tag your friends to do the same thing.  So here it goes, I don’t know if I can come up with 6. HAHA
1) Before I get into bed, I have to brush off the bed, then put the blankets back on.  What am I brushing off you ask?  Crumbs? Nope, don’t eat in bed.  Bugs? Dead Skin? probably. LOL  I don’t know what it is, but seriously, it’ll bug me and I won’t be able to go to sleep unless I brush all those off.  Even if they are non-existent.  I’ll imagine something crawling on my legs.
2) I refuse to cook/bake if the counters are not completely cleaned, and if the sink has dishes in it.  I gotta make sure I’m cooking in a clean environment.  Appreciate that, if you eat at my house.  Oh, and the stove has to be cleaned too.
3) I can’t start watching a movie midway thru the movie.  Even if its a movie I’ve seen a thousand times (But really, have i seen a movie a thousand times?).  There are a few that i can start from anywhere, but they are my favorites…Office Space, Sweet Home Alabama.  yeah thats probably it.  Oh and same thing goes for TV shows.
4) I have to have my towels (when put away and folded) facing the same way.  This includes washcloths, kitchen towels, hand towels, big towels etc… The part thats folded over, has to be facing out.  Its just how it has to be dang it!
5) I have to know the correct lyrics to songs that I listen to.  I love to sing, and sing along to songs, so I gotta make sure i’m singing the right words.  I frequent a few lyrics websites to get the words, and when I used to buy CD’s, I’d get mad if the insert didn’t include the lyrics, and go print them out.  First time I’d listen to a cd, I’d sit there and read the lyrics while the songs playing.  Yeah, I’ve gotten a little bit better about that.
6) I’m gonna have to think about this one and get back to you.  Oh wait, thats it!!! LOL I always don’t finish things.  I painted my bedroom, and put stencils of flowers around it, yeah, I left like a foot off.  5 years later, its still not done.  Cool huh?  thats just how I am I guess.  Its become my little trademark to not finish things. awesome.  It seriously wasn’t intended for this one though!!!

I TAG ANYONE WHO READS THIS!!!! YEAH!  Leave me a comment to let me know you’re gonna do it, so I can make sure to read it and comment on yours!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


What is the deal with all of these status sites?  Like Facebook, has a status you can put in…myspace has it too now I believe (but I never go there anymore).  And then there’s twitter!
I’ve been on twitter a while.  Don’t use it that often, but I know people that use it for crazy things!  Like they’ll be out somewhere and will twitter what someone around them is doing, and it goes on for hours.  I don’t get it.  I guess I’m not supposed to.
I’d totally forgotten about twitter until today when Stacie (HI!!!), started to follow me, so I logged on.  I guess I had been on November 16th, when I was having issues with our tenant…well lookie there, its December 16th, and we’re having those same issues once again!  How awesome is that?  yeah, i’m gonna go ahead and say NO!!!! However, that is a whole other post in itself… SOON TO COME!
So, if y’all have twitter and want to join me, I will attempt to keep it updated more often, cause I guess its the thing to do. LOL  My ID on there is the same as the blog: AIMEE81.  Original I know, its my name, and the year I was born. Woot!!!
Bored post #1 of the day…


Since I’m sorta dieting (btw-its going good, I just need to exercise)…I’ve cut out chocolate out of a lot of my diet.  Hasn’t been that big of a sacrifice though.  I got this e-mail a while ago, and thought it was funny. :)

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment.
Chocolate doesn’t make the world go round, but it sure makes the trip worthwhile.
Research show 14 out of 10 people love chocolate.
I would give up chocolate but I am no quitter! 
One of life’s mysteries is how a 2-pound box of chocolates can make a person gain 2 pounds. 
I am not overweight I am chocolate-enriched.
There are two food groups, chocolate and fruit and if it is fruit is should be dipped in chocolate.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Cold!

It’s cold in my house…
Yeah, we have bad windows, bad heating system, bad insulation-but thats not the problem.
Oh its cause the basement door has been left open! What in the world??? WHo leaves their door open in the WINTER!!!!
For those that don’t know, the basement entrance is right in between our family room and kitchen…It is soooo cold in those two rooms, cause SHE left the door open!
Seriously!  No wonder our gas/electric went up so high this past month.  You’re freezing so you turn the heaters up-but you’re cold cause you leave your door open!  Maybe IF you cleaned your house, took out the trash and stuff, it wouldn’t smell.  I’m just saying!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I swear Halloween is over, but apparantly I’m still freaking out over stuff.
Last night I was laying in bed, just turned off the tv, it was like 2:30/3 am in the morning, and I see light flashing…It was going back and forth like crazy at my window.  The girl that lives in our basement doesn’t have blinds or anything in her windows so I’m guessing someone was looking down there… SCARY!!!  It came and went for like 5 minutes, and I just stared at the ceiling forever til I fell asleep.
So in the morning, I looked outside to see if there were foot prints in the snow around that area.  Ummm YEAH, and LOTS of them.  What in the world is someone doing on MY property (its mine cause I live here), and what are they doing with flashlights in windows?!?!  SCARY!!!!!
Took Dave out there when he got home from work, confirmed the prints (DUH!), and they go all the way in the back to the pasture…If I see them lights again, I’m calling the cops.  What would be the point?  Alpine/Highland cops don’t do anything around here!!!  People tried to break into my house before and they did NOTHING. GRRRRRR
I like living here, cause its pretty cheap, but dang it…I can’t wait to move!