Sunday, December 14, 2008


I swear Halloween is over, but apparantly I’m still freaking out over stuff.
Last night I was laying in bed, just turned off the tv, it was like 2:30/3 am in the morning, and I see light flashing…It was going back and forth like crazy at my window.  The girl that lives in our basement doesn’t have blinds or anything in her windows so I’m guessing someone was looking down there… SCARY!!!  It came and went for like 5 minutes, and I just stared at the ceiling forever til I fell asleep.
So in the morning, I looked outside to see if there were foot prints in the snow around that area.  Ummm YEAH, and LOTS of them.  What in the world is someone doing on MY property (its mine cause I live here), and what are they doing with flashlights in windows?!?!  SCARY!!!!!
Took Dave out there when he got home from work, confirmed the prints (DUH!), and they go all the way in the back to the pasture…If I see them lights again, I’m calling the cops.  What would be the point?  Alpine/Highland cops don’t do anything around here!!!  People tried to break into my house before and they did NOTHING. GRRRRRR
I like living here, cause its pretty cheap, but dang it…I can’t wait to move!

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