Monday, December 22, 2008


I left this post untitled, cause I’m sort of speechless…or without words. LOL

We’ve been blessed this Christmas Season all in a matter of 24 hours it seems like.  Finances are tight with us, especially our situation with our renter. People have obviously noticed that.  We’re okay its just tight.  We’d just gone Christmas shopping-and did really well on the whole purchasing things for everyone, didn’t spend a lot etc…I think maybe we spent 60 bucks for EVERYONE.  I had taken care of a FEW things last month, but that was only our Mom’s.
Dave was given a 100$ gift card, that we used  to buy the presents, and I think he’s saving the rest to go towards a new phone-but i’m not sure.  Dave also won a $50 dollar gift card for paying our Geico Bill.  How lucky is that?!?!  He’s also been able to work on a side freelance project that might give him some extra money soon-here’s hopin’!!!  Also, I suppose our neighborhood collects money for someone that might need it more than they would…They do it instead of giving neighbor gifts and all of that.  I think thats awesome.  Wish I would’ve known about it, when they were collecting.  Well turns out, they thought we needed it!  It was $250 bucks, and was delivered last nite.  Its SOO gonna help us get some bills taken care of, and of course we were able to go spend just a LITTLE BIT more on some gifts.  It really helps us to know that people do think about other people at this time of year, and that we are ALL family when it comes down to it.  We’ve never had anyone be nice to us like this at this time of year (or any time of year, honestly) so it is way nice.  Really opens up my opinions of people in the neighborhood. :)
I really love it when Stress is just taken care of!!!
Now if Dave and I can just get a vacation without kids, that would make things SOOO much better. LOL
So, back to my crafting, i wait too long to get things done.  WHY?!?!?!?!

*Forgot to add…New job might be on the horizon for Dave, and that would be sad to leave his job, but ummm more pay, is AWESOME! ;)  Good things just keep coming!  DON”T STOP!!

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