Tuesday, December 16, 2008


What is the deal with all of these status sites?  Like Facebook, has a status you can put in…myspace has it too now I believe (but I never go there anymore).  And then there’s twitter!
I’ve been on twitter a while.  Don’t use it that often, but I know people that use it for crazy things!  Like they’ll be out somewhere and will twitter what someone around them is doing, and it goes on for hours.  I don’t get it.  I guess I’m not supposed to.
I’d totally forgotten about twitter until today when Stacie (HI!!!), started to follow me, so I logged on.  I guess I had been on November 16th, when I was having issues with our tenant…well lookie there, its December 16th, and we’re having those same issues once again!  How awesome is that?  yeah, i’m gonna go ahead and say NO!!!! However, that is a whole other post in itself… SOON TO COME!
So, if y’all have twitter and want to join me, I will attempt to keep it updated more often, cause I guess its the thing to do. LOL  My ID on there is the same as the blog: AIMEE81.  Original I know, its my name, and the year I was born. Woot!!!
Bored post #1 of the day…

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