Thursday, December 25, 2008


I (we) go to Costco quite often.  So obviously we have the ExecutiveMembership Card.  Everytime I go to Costco, the stupid lady standing at the doors, will ask me…out of the 5 other people entering at thes ame time I am, for my card.  Do the others have their cards out, to show her? NOPE!  She specifically asks ME! Why?  I dunno, but its getting kind of annoying.  Do I not look like the type to have a membership?  Seriously!!!  You can’t purchase anything without a card (unless you’re with someone else), so whats the big deal?  Stop only asking me!!! :) Thanks! :)


Monday, December 22, 2008


I left this post untitled, cause I’m sort of speechless…or without words. LOL

We’ve been blessed this Christmas Season all in a matter of 24 hours it seems like.  Finances are tight with us, especially our situation with our renter. People have obviously noticed that.  We’re okay its just tight.  We’d just gone Christmas shopping-and did really well on the whole purchasing things for everyone, didn’t spend a lot etc…I think maybe we spent 60 bucks for EVERYONE.  I had taken care of a FEW things last month, but that was only our Mom’s.
Dave was given a 100$ gift card, that we used  to buy the presents, and I think he’s saving the rest to go towards a new phone-but i’m not sure.  Dave also won a $50 dollar gift card for paying our Geico Bill.  How lucky is that?!?!  He’s also been able to work on a side freelance project that might give him some extra money soon-here’s hopin’!!!  Also, I suppose our neighborhood collects money for someone that might need it more than they would…They do it instead of giving neighbor gifts and all of that.  I think thats awesome.  Wish I would’ve known about it, when they were collecting.  Well turns out, they thought we needed it!  It was $250 bucks, and was delivered last nite.  Its SOO gonna help us get some bills taken care of, and of course we were able to go spend just a LITTLE BIT more on some gifts.  It really helps us to know that people do think about other people at this time of year, and that we are ALL family when it comes down to it.  We’ve never had anyone be nice to us like this at this time of year (or any time of year, honestly) so it is way nice.  Really opens up my opinions of people in the neighborhood. :)
I really love it when Stress is just taken care of!!!
Now if Dave and I can just get a vacation without kids, that would make things SOOO much better. LOL
So, back to my crafting, i wait too long to get things done.  WHY?!?!?!?!

*Forgot to add…New job might be on the horizon for Dave, and that would be sad to leave his job, but ummm more pay, is AWESOME! ;)  Good things just keep coming!  DON”T STOP!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been tagged a few times to this “QUIRK” thing.  We’re supposed to think of 6 unusual quirks ya have then tag your friends to do the same thing.  So here it goes, I don’t know if I can come up with 6. HAHA
1) Before I get into bed, I have to brush off the bed, then put the blankets back on.  What am I brushing off you ask?  Crumbs? Nope, don’t eat in bed.  Bugs? Dead Skin? probably. LOL  I don’t know what it is, but seriously, it’ll bug me and I won’t be able to go to sleep unless I brush all those off.  Even if they are non-existent.  I’ll imagine something crawling on my legs.
2) I refuse to cook/bake if the counters are not completely cleaned, and if the sink has dishes in it.  I gotta make sure I’m cooking in a clean environment.  Appreciate that, if you eat at my house.  Oh, and the stove has to be cleaned too.
3) I can’t start watching a movie midway thru the movie.  Even if its a movie I’ve seen a thousand times (But really, have i seen a movie a thousand times?).  There are a few that i can start from anywhere, but they are my favorites…Office Space, Sweet Home Alabama.  yeah thats probably it.  Oh and same thing goes for TV shows.
4) I have to have my towels (when put away and folded) facing the same way.  This includes washcloths, kitchen towels, hand towels, big towels etc… The part thats folded over, has to be facing out.  Its just how it has to be dang it!
5) I have to know the correct lyrics to songs that I listen to.  I love to sing, and sing along to songs, so I gotta make sure i’m singing the right words.  I frequent a few lyrics websites to get the words, and when I used to buy CD’s, I’d get mad if the insert didn’t include the lyrics, and go print them out.  First time I’d listen to a cd, I’d sit there and read the lyrics while the songs playing.  Yeah, I’ve gotten a little bit better about that.
6) I’m gonna have to think about this one and get back to you.  Oh wait, thats it!!! LOL I always don’t finish things.  I painted my bedroom, and put stencils of flowers around it, yeah, I left like a foot off.  5 years later, its still not done.  Cool huh?  thats just how I am I guess.  Its become my little trademark to not finish things. awesome.  It seriously wasn’t intended for this one though!!!

I TAG ANYONE WHO READS THIS!!!! YEAH!  Leave me a comment to let me know you’re gonna do it, so I can make sure to read it and comment on yours!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


What is the deal with all of these status sites?  Like Facebook, has a status you can put in…myspace has it too now I believe (but I never go there anymore).  And then there’s twitter!
I’ve been on twitter a while.  Don’t use it that often, but I know people that use it for crazy things!  Like they’ll be out somewhere and will twitter what someone around them is doing, and it goes on for hours.  I don’t get it.  I guess I’m not supposed to.
I’d totally forgotten about twitter until today when Stacie (HI!!!), started to follow me, so I logged on.  I guess I had been on November 16th, when I was having issues with our tenant…well lookie there, its December 16th, and we’re having those same issues once again!  How awesome is that?  yeah, i’m gonna go ahead and say NO!!!! However, that is a whole other post in itself… SOON TO COME!
So, if y’all have twitter and want to join me, I will attempt to keep it updated more often, cause I guess its the thing to do. LOL  My ID on there is the same as the blog: AIMEE81.  Original I know, its my name, and the year I was born. Woot!!!
Bored post #1 of the day…


Since I’m sorta dieting (btw-its going good, I just need to exercise)…I’ve cut out chocolate out of a lot of my diet.  Hasn’t been that big of a sacrifice though.  I got this e-mail a while ago, and thought it was funny. :)

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment.
Chocolate doesn’t make the world go round, but it sure makes the trip worthwhile.
Research show 14 out of 10 people love chocolate.
I would give up chocolate but I am no quitter! 
One of life’s mysteries is how a 2-pound box of chocolates can make a person gain 2 pounds. 
I am not overweight I am chocolate-enriched.
There are two food groups, chocolate and fruit and if it is fruit is should be dipped in chocolate.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Cold!

It’s cold in my house…
Yeah, we have bad windows, bad heating system, bad insulation-but thats not the problem.
Oh its cause the basement door has been left open! What in the world??? WHo leaves their door open in the WINTER!!!!
For those that don’t know, the basement entrance is right in between our family room and kitchen…It is soooo cold in those two rooms, cause SHE left the door open!
Seriously!  No wonder our gas/electric went up so high this past month.  You’re freezing so you turn the heaters up-but you’re cold cause you leave your door open!  Maybe IF you cleaned your house, took out the trash and stuff, it wouldn’t smell.  I’m just saying!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I swear Halloween is over, but apparantly I’m still freaking out over stuff.
Last night I was laying in bed, just turned off the tv, it was like 2:30/3 am in the morning, and I see light flashing…It was going back and forth like crazy at my window.  The girl that lives in our basement doesn’t have blinds or anything in her windows so I’m guessing someone was looking down there… SCARY!!!  It came and went for like 5 minutes, and I just stared at the ceiling forever til I fell asleep.
So in the morning, I looked outside to see if there were foot prints in the snow around that area.  Ummm YEAH, and LOTS of them.  What in the world is someone doing on MY property (its mine cause I live here), and what are they doing with flashlights in windows?!?!  SCARY!!!!!
Took Dave out there when he got home from work, confirmed the prints (DUH!), and they go all the way in the back to the pasture…If I see them lights again, I’m calling the cops.  What would be the point?  Alpine/Highland cops don’t do anything around here!!!  People tried to break into my house before and they did NOTHING. GRRRRRR
I like living here, cause its pretty cheap, but dang it…I can’t wait to move!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I finally went to the doctor to get checked out. Insurance kicked in on the first so I went in on the 2nd.
Doctor said it could be a variety of things, so he wants to do some blood work.
I went into today to have the blood drawn, and should find out tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping that most of the answers are thru the blood work that was done, because I don’t want any more problems darn it all!!!
He guessed it was either Mono (what am I 15??) or Anemia (which they’ve thrown around in the past that I have). Mixed in with some anxiety/depression. Which can make all the matters worse, so we’ll see if its the anemia, then i’ll get treated for hteo ther things.
I’m just one big drama department lately. The emotions are all outta whack, and all I want to do is sleep, and have to take pain pills to get to sleep, b/c my muscles hurt SOOO bad! I have tried exercising and what not but its not helping. I’m just glad I’m not pregnant. LOL :)
More stuff to come later for SURE! WOOHOO!

Update or Lack thereof...

Yeah I don’t have one yet. I’m still feeling pretty miserable.
Doctors office called today. They said, We had originally planned on giving you the results of your bloodwork over the phone, but we would rather you come in and talk to the Doctor about waht they said.
Could I have gone in today? NOPE! What about tomorrow? NOPE!
I Have to wait until stinkin WEDNESDAY MORNING. As if, waiting the 5 days I have already, wasn’t enough, here I am STILL waiting. I hate this.
My friend said to me, “well at least you aren’t dying, cause they would’ve had you come in today, so that means its not THAT serious.”
That helped me. But still the anxiety, the pain i’m still going thru, SUCKS.
So for all of you whom are waiting, well sorry…I don’t have any news yet. I am just still trying to stay positive, and am Thankful for Da ve being supportive, and believing me when I tell him things. He’s usually not like that.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yay! Finally!

After realizing it wasn't comcast (even though they really wanted to take care of the issue)...we finally got a check for the damages accrued from the burial of our comcast line.

I suppose that Comcast contracts out their "diggers" so it was a company called Advanced Underground Construction Inc.

As I went outside yesterday to water the yard, I noticed Cigarette Butts! I was SOOO pissed!!!! What if I hadn't seen them, and Baby had picked them up? I came in and caleld Dave and yelled at him cause I was so mad about it, then called Cesar, dude that was supposed to be handling the problem. HE again, was a jerk to me... At least he didn't bring his crew out...again. I asked for Cesar's boss's #. I chewed that dude out hardcore. He finally said to me, Aimee, you will need to calm down so I can take care of this issue, because all I want to do is get it straightened out. I was shocked at that statement!!!! He said, "I am going to send you 100 bucks, and charge the crew double, and give them a talking to." I don't care what he does, as long as I get my money, and I never see those scum bags again! ;)

Apparantly the dude I talked to was The CEO/President of the Construction Company. You gotta get to the top if you ever want to get anything done right!!! Right? LOL

I've got my check, now lets just hope it clears the bank, so you don't get another angry post!!!!

Baby is SOOOO excited to get her a scooter today. She already ran and put her shoes on (even though she's not dressed!) to go!

I finished Kristina's wedding video, and it looks AWESOME!!!!! I'll post it up on my other blog for your viewing pleasure ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I love comcast. The internet service that they have is just great….The cost isn’t too bad either.
But when they came to bury my line-they left a huge mess on my back patio (if you’ve been to my house, you understand that).
They also ran over the kids’ scooters…and they broke. They also stole my crappy old broom. Yeah the stick was even taped together and they jacked it!!!
I can’t even clean up their mess because they stole it. It wasn’t my broom to begin with, but it came with the house. You know, one of those things!
I’ve spent an hour total on the phone with these chums…gotten no where. My kids want to ride scooters, and not fight over ONE!!!
The dude was supposed to be here 45 minutes ago, to look at “my sprinklers” and he’s not here yet. STupid Cesar. When I called comcast, they called the company that buried the line, and told them it was my sprinklers that they broke. Well its not that. I want my money to buy my kids new stuff, and a new broom to clean up their mess. Thats all I’m asking for. Why do I need someone to come over is beyond me.
They must know that they are the best, b/c they aren’t caring about other things. I haven’t thought of switching ISP’s, or anything, I don’t think that it’d be the same!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hollywood Sequels...

So Seriously, how many “Blah Blah 2′s” do we need???
Sometimes the first one just sucks WAY BAD!!!!
30 Upcoming Movie Sequels You Didn’t Know About
We’ve spent days of our lives scouring the world for news of sequels that you may not have heard of. And here are 30 films in various states of production…
Simon Brew
The domination of sequels in the big summer and winter schedules continues, and if the following – in particular order – is anything to go by, it’s going to carry on for many years to come…
The Brazilian Job: the follow up to Paramount’s US remake of The Italian Job is still on the cards, and it’s got a 2009 release date marked. Jason Statham, Mos Def, Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron are attached, as is director F Gary Gray.
I, Robot 2: All we know on this one is that it’s in the scripting stages still, with a potential 2010 release date planned in. No news on Mr Smith’s involvement.
I Am Legend 2: Warner’s huge Christmas 2007 hit could also have a follow up, although it’d be interesting to see if Will Smith returned to it. A 2010 release date is also being mooted for this one.
Beverly Hills Cop 4: If Die Hard can still do it at the box office, why can’t Axel Foley? Er, because the third BHC movie was crap, and a flop. Still, it’s not stopped development work going ahead on number four. No further news than that, though.
National Treasure 3: Not a huge surprise, but as the Nic Cage Indiana Jones knock off franchise has proved to be quite a juggernaut, you’ll only have to wait until 2011 for the third film in the series.
Cars 2: We spotted this on AintItCool – is Pixar really looking to make a sequel to its weakest film? Apparently so…
Toy Story 3: This one, after lots of umming and ahhing, appears to be a goer. It won’t, as was speculated, be a straight-to-DVD affair, and Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are both expected back on voicing duties. It’ll be out in 2010.
Jeepers Creepers 3: MGM is running the rule over a potential third instalment in the horror franchise, with director Victor Salva still attached. Hmmm.
Shrek 5: The fourth film was a no-brainer after the tepid third outing made so much cash. But a fifth instalment has also been confirmed. No wonder Shrek is the same colour as an American dollar…
Night at the Museum 2: Ben Stiller is returning for his most commercially successful role outside of the Meet the Parents franchise. We can wait. No news on the proposed Meet The Little Focker, though.
Crank 2: High Voltage: This is more like it. Crank is a guilty pleasure right up there with Snakes on a Plane, and it’s coming back for more. Shooting starts next month, for a 2009 release, and Jason Statham returns as Chev Chelios. As he should.
Transporter 3: Statham again. He’s making this too, and it’s in pre-production. Presumably, he’ll go from Crank 2 straight onto this.
Super Troopers 2: A sequel nobody asked for! Hurray! Expect it in 2010, as it’s in the early writing stages still, we believe.
Silent Hill 2: Sony is looking at a follow up to the crap-but-popular video game adaptation. 2010 is the current slated release date.
The Descent 2: We understand that Neil Marshall won’t be directed this one, which has the, er, working title of The De2cent. He’s attached as Executive Producer, with Jon Harris stepping behind the camera (he edited the first film, as well as the more recent Stardust).
The Grudge 3: Yup, it’s in pre-production now, for release next year. That’ll likely be the scariest thing about it.
Ice Age 3: 1st July 2009. That’s the date you’ll need to avoid if you want to miss the next Ice Age movie. Hopefully it’ll be better than the second one…
Ghost Rider 2: A surprise hit last year, Marvel is developing a follow-up to the Nic Cage comic book flick, and tentatively has 2009 marked for release. No director is thus far attached.
The Untouchables: Capone Rising: A prequel to Brian De Palma’s cracking prohibition thriller of, er, twenty years ago. De Palma is back behind the camera, and the project is in the pre-production stages now.
The Thomas Crown Affair 2: Weird, this. It’s taken them ages to do a sequel, and then they draft in Paul Verhoeven to direct a follow-up to someone else’s film. Pierce Brosnan returns, and filming starts shortly.
The People Under The Stairs 2: No sign of any Wes Craven involvement, though, and release may even be this year. Hmmm. We’d wager DVD will be its home.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Er, that’s what they’ve called The Mummy 3, which is out on 1st August. Brendan Fraser and Jet Li star.
Punisher: War Zone: Ray Stevenson becomes the third person to play The Punisher on screen. You’ll be able to find out how he did on 12th September this year.
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder: Casper Van Diem is back, but it’s still going straight to DVD, as the piss-awful second film did. It’s due out later this year.
Pink Panther 2: Oh dear. And I’m a Steve Martin fan. It’s out on 13th February 2009.
Ace Ventura 3: No Jim Carrey though, and no chance of it seeing the inside of a cinema. Head to Blockbuster later in the year if you want to catch it.
War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave: Another straight to DVD sequel, but this one’s of note because it’s directed by Soul Man/Hitcher star C Thomas Howell. Blimey.
Jurassic Park 4: It’s taken them ages to sort this out, but the latest is that Laura Dern is still attached, and that it’ll be released in 2009. Don’t hold your breath though, as shooting would need to start really very soon…
Scary Movie 5/Saw 5: You could have guessed at these if you didn’t know about them already. Both should see the light before the end of the year. Sadly.


I am so tired of Stress and Anxiety. For once in my life, I’d like to have a worry free day!!!
I am soooo worn out lately, that I haven’t had time for basically anything. I think that will be changing soon-well at least one can hope. I am still looking for some work to do. I dunno what or where or anything, just that I need to find something, to help make some money, as well as find someone to rent the basement. Dave has to start paying child support again soon (Tax return paid for a lot of months in advance :) ) so thats gonna be an added amount we have to spend each month. POoooey!
I’d love to find something to do from home, but I have yet to be succsesful in that department. Maybe if I find something that’s actually TRUE, I can do that! Argh!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day yesterday.
Now what I’m wondering is where it became a tradition to grill out on these types of holidays.
We didn’t grill out. might be due to the fact that we don’t have a grill. But what did we do?!?!
We went to Panda Express! Something about that just doesn’t seem right. Chinese Food on Memorial day. Hey, maybe we have a new found tradition! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So yeah, we’re moving again. Not very far this time though, just up a flight of stairs. :)
We are taking over the whole lease of the house here, and may or may not rent out the basement, so if anyone knows anybody that needs a 3 bedroom place here, we got it, and its way cheap!!! :)
We may just keep it for ourselves to run some sort of business in, but anything as far as that goes, is really unsure at this point-so we’ll see.
Middle of June to the end of June, is when we’ll be moving, so I’ll probably be busy for a while getting everything taken care of!!! :)
I am so glad that we’ll be able to stay in this area. :)

Monday, May 19, 2008


There is a song that I like, I don’t know many of the lyrics but it basically says: “when you dream, dream big”
I have been dreaming to have my own business, and be able to do it from home. We have been working, and working hard on trying to figure some things out, and its hard to sit down and work out prices and figure the legalities of everything out, but we have gotten much, much closer!
We’ve got quite an eclectic mix of things that I want to do, and hopefully one of them will just take off, and I can still maybe do some other things on the side.
I just have big dreams and hope to achieve those dreams one day. It would be so nice for Dave and I to both stay at home and earn enough money.
Hopefully we get going soon, so he can quit his job, and so I don’t have to work at my night job very long (Do I have one yet? Nope, but I will need to have one soon)
We live in my friends basement right now of a house that they are renting-and they told me today that they are moving out, so we were placed with the opportunity to move upstairs-so we are going to take that up, and do that. We will rent out the basement to someone (hopefully), until we need the space. Its a great deal, in a great area. Although there are some things that do need to be worked on, but we’ll get that going before we sign a lease!!! I am so excited!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't Correct Me!

Please don’t correct me for such petty reasons. Seriously, do you really think its worthwhile?
Is there something about it that makes you feel better about yourself?
Ugh, I’m tired of it, and you can’t do it to me anymore, just learn respect!!! Man!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I love to write. I hate to talk.
I love to text. I hate to speak.
I’d rather write things in an email or blog or on a message board then talk to someone in person (although I do, don’t worry-I just get shy, and it takes me a while to warm up, plus my stuttering thing doesn’t help either)
I’d rather text someone then call them…I never know what to say on the phone-and its always a little bit awkward ya know? I dunno. Then there’s the deal that T-mobile sucks, and I’ve yet to get a good working phone that works ALL the time :( So my phone cuts out all the time. Stinking T-Mobile.
I’m going to try and get some adsense off of this sucker, as well as do some payperpost, so sorry if my blogs tend to be boring at times, just stick with it, I’ll get better!
I’d love to link up with ya though, so if you want to see what is to come of this blog, leave me your blog address, and I’ll put it on the side… :)