Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yay! Finally!

After realizing it wasn't comcast (even though they really wanted to take care of the issue)...we finally got a check for the damages accrued from the burial of our comcast line.

I suppose that Comcast contracts out their "diggers" so it was a company called Advanced Underground Construction Inc.

As I went outside yesterday to water the yard, I noticed Cigarette Butts! I was SOOO pissed!!!! What if I hadn't seen them, and Baby had picked them up? I came in and caleld Dave and yelled at him cause I was so mad about it, then called Cesar, dude that was supposed to be handling the problem. HE again, was a jerk to me... At least he didn't bring his crew out...again. I asked for Cesar's boss's #. I chewed that dude out hardcore. He finally said to me, Aimee, you will need to calm down so I can take care of this issue, because all I want to do is get it straightened out. I was shocked at that statement!!!! He said, "I am going to send you 100 bucks, and charge the crew double, and give them a talking to." I don't care what he does, as long as I get my money, and I never see those scum bags again! ;)

Apparantly the dude I talked to was The CEO/President of the Construction Company. You gotta get to the top if you ever want to get anything done right!!! Right? LOL

I've got my check, now lets just hope it clears the bank, so you don't get another angry post!!!!

Baby is SOOOO excited to get her a scooter today. She already ran and put her shoes on (even though she's not dressed!) to go!

I finished Kristina's wedding video, and it looks AWESOME!!!!! I'll post it up on my other blog for your viewing pleasure ;)

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