Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update or Lack thereof...

Yeah I don’t have one yet. I’m still feeling pretty miserable.
Doctors office called today. They said, We had originally planned on giving you the results of your bloodwork over the phone, but we would rather you come in and talk to the Doctor about waht they said.
Could I have gone in today? NOPE! What about tomorrow? NOPE!
I Have to wait until stinkin WEDNESDAY MORNING. As if, waiting the 5 days I have already, wasn’t enough, here I am STILL waiting. I hate this.
My friend said to me, “well at least you aren’t dying, cause they would’ve had you come in today, so that means its not THAT serious.”
That helped me. But still the anxiety, the pain i’m still going thru, SUCKS.
So for all of you whom are waiting, well sorry…I don’t have any news yet. I am just still trying to stay positive, and am Thankful for Da ve being supportive, and believing me when I tell him things. He’s usually not like that.

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