Monday, October 28, 2013

People Change

A year ago, I was different than I am now.

I know that I had an experience from one person (or 5), that made me question my character and who I was in my life. It wasn't exactly ME who needed to change. It was who, I was hanging out with that I needed to change. I tried not to let these peoples actions hurt my feelings. Tried to say that it was their loss and all that. For the most part I was able to!

Sometimes you have to be willing to make a change in what you want in life. I wanted to (after that point), live a more positive life. Make a more positive input on other's lives, or not be apart of it all. I don't have time, patience or a desire for negativity. Now that certain people are out, more happy is in, and that's better for me. If you're a full grown adult, but act like you can't do anything for yourself, and have someone else basically run your life. People that lie, or hang out with liars suck. If you don't have decent standards or if any of the above apply to you. I'm not the friend for you. Sorry.

On another note.

A year ago, I was shy, a little introverted and didn't know too much about blogging, or anything that the blogging world had to offer. Seriously. Now I've jumped in, head first and know so much. I'm excited to learn about all their is to offer! I don't know that I've ever been so excited to learn things. I've earned money, I've gotten free product & I've made awesome friends. A year ago, I would've never walked up to someone and said...Hey, I'm Aimee! I still won't wear a name tag... but at least now I'll go somewhere alone, and talk to stranger.

However, the BEST part about this last year is that I have found myself. Again. I know that I used to say I did things, cause it was the "cool" thing to do at the time. Like, I used to say I was a scrapbooker, cause it was the cool thing to do. Well, then someone gave me a bunch of scrapbooking supplies, so I figured it out. Then that became my thing. That was like 14 years ago. Then I started college, and working full time etc...and met my husband, and somewhere in the interim became someone else.

I don't think I like who I was in that time. It's been about 8-10 years. In that time I've gone thru some enormous trials. Well, I'd like to say that I'm in the clear of them, but I know better. I'm not. However, since I feel that I've found more of myself again, I know that I can get thru them just a little easier.

I need to try and remember to only do things because I want to. Only get things cause I need them. (Save money) I have so many things in my house, that I don't need these days, but once upon a time, I thought I needed/wanted and it's just taking up space.

At the same time, I need to remember to take chances. Don't hold back too much. I may never know what's out there if I don't look around the corner.

I think that I like this person that I've become. Or re-become. However you want to look at it. Now if I could just be as skinny as I was in high school. HaHa. This post could probably go in a million different ways, and be a million posts long. But that's the basics of it. Hmmpf. End of Story for today. Only the people that know me, understand me. I totally feel like I'm different than I was a year ago. I know so much more about so many things, and have this strong desire to know so much more. I had a swift kick in the pants to change a year ago. Even though I did nothing was the other "parties" I just knew that I needed different surroundings. I got it! Woot!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

FaceBook Tips

I run a few blogs, that have Facebook Pages. I thought that I was doing a decent job at running them, BUT apparently I wasn't. I used to get about 4 blog views from each post I would put on Facebook. Then I took a Class from a local Connective Circle Class, and my views increased 1200%. Yes, 1200%. Not to Mention my Reach, and the likes/comments all the interaction that I received. I took some notes in the class, and learned a few other things on my own, and I will try and share them here. If you have any other tips, please let me know!.

Some of these may seem kind of obvious but some people, may not know:

  • Claim Your FB Page- Name it.  Make sure it's not just a #.  Make sure the website has your actual name in it.
  • Link blog to your personal profile.  That's one way to let people know you now have a blog, and if they're your friends, they'll like your FB page!
  • On FB Page About Me section, add about 2 sentences.
  • It takes about 30 days to increase engagement. Main Goal is to Drive Traffic to Blog.  2nd Goal is to Gain Credibility.
Some Companies Look at the amount of Facebook Fans that you have.  Some Look at twitter, some look at Pinterest, some look at analytics.  Some look at a combo of all them.  

Post often on your Facebook Page to keep up your engagement on the page.  
  • Ask engaging questions. 
  • Reply to Comments
  • Tag relevant people.  Like companies, famous people (actors, musicians etc)
  • Share Post/picture 2-3 times but no more than 3 times.
Add Photos to FB Page.  A Facebook page, with just text, and no pictures is really boring.  Gotta have some color in there!  Just like your blog posts, it can't all be text.  People like to see pictures.  So, do the same in your Facebook Posts.

A few rules when posting links to your FB Page.
  • Put the link directly in the post, don't say link in comments.
  • Don't use an auto poster.  Actually take the time to post it, and add a little snippet of what the post is about.
  • Use a link.
  • Networked blogs, bloglovin, instagram, hoot suite, if you auto post from them, it'll lower your #'s.
  • Good times to post are 8-9AM, 2-3 PM, & 7-8 PM.
  • No #ad hashtags.  Your account could get flagged, and FB is shutting down 50K accounts daily.
You can't handle a lot of new fans at once, so don't try to grow too fast.  Engagement is more important than unlikes.  A typical engagement average is 10% to 5,000+ likes.  So don't get too discouraged, when you think your engagement isn't high enough.

Facebook uses an Algorithm called Edge Rank.  Your fans will have 30-60 days to interact with you.  If they don't interact with your page, they won't see your posts after that 60 days.  There's a chance that they will see it, if they are on FB on their home page at the exact time you post something.

You can learn more about Edge Rank, HERE.
To see your Edge Rank, you can visit an Edge Rank Checker, HERE.

The point of having a Facebook Page for your blog, is to grow your social.  You want to increase views to your blog, and interact with your readers more.  More interaction, means more views!

If you have friends, who have FB pages, remember to go like their FB Pages, and help them out.  It's all part of community.  Help each other out.  Be professional though.  Don't talk about what you're doing later, or inside jokes.  Always use proper english, as well.  I try to always like my friends Posts, and occasionally comment.  I just don't want to be annoying.  :)  It really helps!  Share their posts every once in a while.  Especially a big important one!  

While you're on track for Facebook, go like my Facebook page!  HERE!  I implemented these tips in one day, and my reach on FB, increased to over 500 (from under 100) and my blog views increased 1200%.   I'd love to help you, if you need help.  Just message me! :)  Good Luck!