Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I love comcast. The internet service that they have is just great….The cost isn’t too bad either.
But when they came to bury my line-they left a huge mess on my back patio (if you’ve been to my house, you understand that).
They also ran over the kids’ scooters…and they broke. They also stole my crappy old broom. Yeah the stick was even taped together and they jacked it!!!
I can’t even clean up their mess because they stole it. It wasn’t my broom to begin with, but it came with the house. You know, one of those things!
I’ve spent an hour total on the phone with these chums…gotten no where. My kids want to ride scooters, and not fight over ONE!!!
The dude was supposed to be here 45 minutes ago, to look at “my sprinklers” and he’s not here yet. STupid Cesar. When I called comcast, they called the company that buried the line, and told them it was my sprinklers that they broke. Well its not that. I want my money to buy my kids new stuff, and a new broom to clean up their mess. Thats all I’m asking for. Why do I need someone to come over is beyond me.
They must know that they are the best, b/c they aren’t caring about other things. I haven’t thought of switching ISP’s, or anything, I don’t think that it’d be the same!

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