Monday, May 19, 2008


There is a song that I like, I don’t know many of the lyrics but it basically says: “when you dream, dream big”
I have been dreaming to have my own business, and be able to do it from home. We have been working, and working hard on trying to figure some things out, and its hard to sit down and work out prices and figure the legalities of everything out, but we have gotten much, much closer!
We’ve got quite an eclectic mix of things that I want to do, and hopefully one of them will just take off, and I can still maybe do some other things on the side.
I just have big dreams and hope to achieve those dreams one day. It would be so nice for Dave and I to both stay at home and earn enough money.
Hopefully we get going soon, so he can quit his job, and so I don’t have to work at my night job very long (Do I have one yet? Nope, but I will need to have one soon)
We live in my friends basement right now of a house that they are renting-and they told me today that they are moving out, so we were placed with the opportunity to move upstairs-so we are going to take that up, and do that. We will rent out the basement to someone (hopefully), until we need the space. Its a great deal, in a great area. Although there are some things that do need to be worked on, but we’ll get that going before we sign a lease!!! I am so excited!

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