Friday, March 28, 2014

New Post...

Before I hit the 2 month mark of not posting, lets throw up a post!

It's a Friday nite, and about 10:30 PM, so lets throw up yet another depressing I hate the world post!

Apparently it's the week for things to go...weird. Yeah weird. Let's go with the word weird. It's not like they went wrong, or right. They went weird. Apparently I lost some friends, and it made me feel like I did something wrong, but I know I didn't. I also gained some friends. I've learned to be myself more and more recently, and it's played well in my favor.

The friends that I've lost...well when I'm around these people I'm pretty sure we got along. I know I'm sarcastic at times. Well, whatever I guess I just need to let it go. People have issues, not me. I need to really remember that. Well, wait that's not totally true either. I totally have my issues. However, most people don't even know about those issues. I keep them to myself.

I can't decide what I want to do with my "big" blog. Do I want to continue it? Or should I just quit and start doing things for fun again? I can't figure it all out. Some of the friends I've made blogging are cool. Some of them, I could just go on in my life without them. Yes, that seems mean. Really, really mean. But, it's true.

I think that's all for right now, because I don't know what to say. I feel like I already went thru a re-evaluation of life and all this just 2 months ago. Now I find myself here again, and going thru it with friends. Fun times. Fun, Fun times!

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