Friday, January 16, 2009


So recently I’ve had strong feelings to go up and visit Dave’s family in Idaho.  Meaning his great grandpa in BUrley, and then his grandparents and paretns and siblings that are close to Boise.  I couldn’t figure out why, but the thought just kept entering my mind for months.  We can not make it up there in the weather, to go thru a certain pass is so hard in the winter.  We went one time in February, and we vowed never to do it again!  It was just scary.  Couldnt’ see that far in front of ya etc…
Well today, I spent some time at my mom’s with Bai, and on my way home, I called Dave to see whats up…He told me that his dad had just called and told him his grandpa had died.  This one particular grandpa lived about 45 minutes away most of the year!  He lives in AZ. in the really cold months.  I cried.  My mind flashed to the moments that Bai had spent with him.  Visiting him in the hospital after his heart surgery, him holding her when she was almost a year old right after Bennett was born, and then at Dave’s Aunt’s wedding.  She wouldn’t calm down and didn’t want anyone!  He took her and drew a cat with her.  I STILL have the drawing (Yeah i’m sort of a pack rat), and I posted the picture on my wall of facebook this evening.  Its so sweet.  Thanks Katie for posting it!!! :)
Aside from thinking about the moments he had with Bai, I thought of the times we’ve promised we’d get together go up for Sunday dinner or something, and NOT FOLLOWED THRU!  We didn’t see them at all for Christmas.  Instead of signing their CHristmas card to us Grandma and Grandpa they signed it Aunt and Uncle.
He was just out for a walk, like he does everyday, took two deep breaths, and apparantly those were his last.  I do not know much of the story yet, but I am very sad, and I have only know him a short 3.5 yrs but he is a very sweet man and will be missed dearly by all of his family and friends.
*I think I need to edit my new years resolution list, to read FOLLOW THRU ON EVERYTHING YOU AGREE TO DO!!!  And Maybe that means, don’t agree to TOO much.*

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