Monday, January 5, 2009

GOals 2009

I Believe in having goals.  I don’t believe in having new years resolutions, because I never keep up with them!  This year, I realize that I need to make some changes in my home, and with myself.  I’m going to make them month by month and try and post about how I did on them at the end of the month, and what my new goals will be at the beginning of the month. 
CHanges in my home:
-Be more organized.  This means in cleanliness, schedules/routines, as well as bill paying.  It can be done!! I bought a calendar tonite, and have already filled it all out for bills and events this week.  I’m quite proud of myself!
-Stay on top of laundry, go back to do doing one load a day, so I can stay on top of it.  Back when I just did one load a day, I was on top of the laundry.  Even if the load was 5 things, I was on top of it. I know it’d help Dave out a lot.
-Clean Kitchen before going to bed.  That way I can make meals in there!
-Clean front room before going to bed.  I hate waking up to the stresses of what I need to clean. :(
Changes in ME:
-Exercise a bit more.  Not overdo it, but dang it, I need to exercise!  We have the WII FIT, so I can use that, or use the exercise ball we have, or go to my moms and use the treadmill/elliptical.  We’ll see.  I should probably set up a schedule with that, but just starting to do it, will be a good thing for me.
-Eating healthier.  We need to stop eating out, and cook more at home.  Which means I need to be more organized in my  shopping.  Most nights, if  we want to make something at home, we go to the store to get the stuff, and usually end up stopping somewhere on the way home.  How effective are we? LOL  So yeah.  EAT HEALTHIER!
-This one goes for both home and me, but to stop eating out.  It would save us money, and also help us be healthier.  I think Dave and I should plan 2 nights a month (on weekends we don’t have KD) and just go out the two of us.  Get a babysitter for Bai.  That way it gives us our time alone!

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