Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Stop

There are few things that bother me.  I'm sure I've posted about them before, but right now I want to talk about them.

1- People's annoying need to be right. I leave a bucket somewhere full of drinks for a luncheon. It wasn't where someone else wanted them. She moved the bucket literally 3 inches. It was in the middle of a huge room. How big of a difference is that 3 inches going to make? Honestly?  All that it's going to do is eat at my insides. Some people have issues when they feel like their wrong about something.  That's just one example. There's lots more.

2- Be respectful to everyone. We are for the most part equal. Every one you would interact with on a day to day basis is most likely the same as you. Just because they might not be as skinny as you or do their makeup the way that the world no reason to treat them differently. If you want to treat them differently do it in a positive light. Don't look down on them. Don't boss them around. Don't think less of them. Chances are, they're so much better than you'll ever be and are probably a lot happier because they didn't spend 2 hrs caking their face in makeup or ignoring their kids working out for 4 hrs a day to weigh 115 lbs when they're 5 ft 9.

Am I bitter?  No!  Do I think I can change the world with 1 blog post? Absolutely not!  I just think people are rude. I want to be respected. I deserve to be respected. I teach my children to respect all people no matter what. I was always taught to respect my elders. I wasn't taught to respect those younger than me that may be more successful than me. However lots of people younger than me are more successful than I am. I admire those people and long to have successes of my own one day.  Successful people need to have respect for the people that help them get them where they are.

I don't want to be yelled at, talked down to, or have anything expected of me if that person talking to me isn't willing to do it themselves. Don't dish it out, if you can't eat off that plate.

I am a sensitive person when it comes to getting my feelings hurt, but I can also be rude to people at times. I don't like fake people. Don't be nice to me, because you think you have an image to uphold. You don't. If you don't like me, I don't care. I probably don't like you either!   I'm a pretty good judge of character and know pretty fast if we will be friends or not.

All of this being said, I know that I can be a hurtful person in my words as well. It is something I have been working on for 2014. Know though,  if you're continually acting a fool, you're setting yourself up and there's only so much I can take.  Be true to who you are. Take care of your body. Take care of your brains. It's all you got. I've been so sick in the last 3 months it's really opened me up to this.  Take care of it now. Get good habits now. Eat healthy now. Teach your kids young. I'm not an advocate for exercise or healthy eating. I'm just saying... take care of yourself. You're the only you, that you get.

...more to come. It's just 230 in the morning and I'm tired. And brain dead. I gotta take care me brain!

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