Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Min Journal

I've heard of people doing a 5 minute journal, but since i'm a fairly fast typist I'm going to do a 3 minute journal, and i'm going to try and do it 5 times a week (or more if possible). It'll just be to catch up on my day, so I have something to look back on. I'd like to challenge all bloggers to do this, more often. I didn't say do it on your main blog you have, but you'll appreciate it later in life, i'm sure! It'll help me practice my bloggin skills, that I've been seriously lacking on lately. I've been working mostly on my crafty blog to get that up and going, and have seriously neglected this one! :)
So today, I picked Bai up from school and she was crying pretty much about her day. When I dropped her off, her friends had already been a bit mean to her and made her cry, but she got over that fast and I left her at school. I went home and did a few chores, then picked her up after school. So I had to run to Best Buy to pick up my new Jump Drive. That was interesting... Bai was still grumpy and upset, so we decided a trip for frozen yogurt would totally help her out. It totally did. She added gummy bears and gum balls and sprinkles to her cookie crush and vanilla froyo. I got my favorite flavor there. Raspberry Rap. MMMMMM. That is the best ever!!! She then called her Dad on the way home, and asked if we could have Subway for dinner. She loves Subway. He, of course said yes, and we went when he got home. After Subway we had to run into Target to get a few things. She got some color wonder paper. So I think we made up for her crappy day at school. Then we came home, and watched a couple TV shows, then got ready for bed. My day is not that exciting. Some days are, but today...NOT. :) Totally boring.
Well I guess except when Jazzy was interested in what I was eating for lunch...

PS: Don't forget to visit my other blog: Aim's Creations I've been working hard over there!!

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  1. what was interesting about picking up your jump drive? I love love gummy bears in my ice cream. Tony thinks they turn in to hard little rocks but I dont think they do. That pic of Jazzy is super cute! <3