Monday, March 18, 2013

Google Reader

Hi friends!

I'm sure you all have heard that Google Reader is going away soon. Well in a few months. They've been making this threat for a couple of years but now, its supposedly really happening! Sad Day. I've gone and checked out a few alternatives that I've heard about, since I'm not about to just give up on a feeder just yet! I need to have my blogs! LOL.
Feedly is an app that I've used on my iphone/ipod/ipad. I really liked how it color coded my different sections that I've organized all my blogs into. I love being organized. I know I'm not organized in all aspects of my life, but in the areas I am organized in, I am very particular about them. :) They also have a web application that you can use too. I have yet to check that out. Maybe tomorrow!
The next one I've found is on the web. Its called BlogLovin. Found at: BlogLovin. I had to reorganize the way that my blogs had already been set up. I follow hundreds of blogs (NO JUDGING!!). I've been a blogger and a blog reader since 2006. So, I had a lot in there. :)
When you sign up for these accounts, and I recommend you try both of them to find out which one fits your needs better. Go into your google reader FIRST! EDIT, your blogs that you read. Go thru and delete what you don't read, delete what you people don't blog on anymore, and delete those pesky annoying blogs, that you just don't want to see in your feed anymore! :) I say that, because it'll take time when you go to input your information into those two accounts. This was my main mistake in doing so. I got a little too excited to get in there and get going.
It took me an hour or so to edit my google reader. But it was so worth it to delete the hundreds of blogs, that people have turned private or just all around stopped blogging on. The fast way to do it, is to go to Google Reader, then to Settings, then to Subscriptions and you can unsubscribe to multiple ones at once, instead of just individually. You can check the box next to all the ones you want to unsubscribe, then hit unsubscribe at the top.
Hope I have helped you in some sort of way. I know its not a big tip or anything, but if I could help you...that makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! :)

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  1. Great tips, I'm checking out Feedly's website now. I like the color-coding feature that you talked about. I'm going to go through my blog list again and trim it down a bit I think. I know I did that recently but I had a group of "Unfollow Maybe?" people that I followed for contests,etc and I'll focus on that I think. Thanks for posting, very helpful!