Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hard Day

What do you do when your kid has a hard day at Kindergarten? Then she wakes up the next day and flat out refuses to go. It was very hard to be the mean parent this morning and force her to go. Luckily my kid is the best kid ever and a Turkey sandwich was the perfect bribe for her. Silly kid.
Yesterday was her first day back on track (year round school) after having 3 weeks off, so I guess getting adjusted back to the old ways and seeing all of her peers was hard. Apparently they all had trouble getting along.
When I picked her up though, after school she said her day was MUCH better. Thank goodness! I might have gone crazy, wondering what really happened, had she had a bad day again.
Being a 6 year old kid these days is such a hard job. I mean, she's got an ipad, ipods, iphones, netflix, hulu, huge fancy tv's, and video game consoles and a bunch of other cool things at her disposal. But ultimately having friendships is the BEST thing in the world.

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