Tuesday, March 26, 2013


You know all those things you say to your parents when you're a kid... I'll never make my kids do that when I'm a mom. I'll never let my kids watch that kind of movie or tv show. Or listen to that kind of music. I'll never let my kid talk to me that way when I'm a parent. All those types of examples, I'm sure you get the point...
Well...I've let my kids be pretty independent. I let them watch almost any movie and tv show. No violence or extreme swearing. I do monitor them. Its pretty much taught them whats right and wrong faster than what I learned. Music, isn't really a problem. They listen to what we listen to. Husband, is pretty respectful about his music around the kids. He can listen to some pretty rowdy stuff sometimes.
Now behavior...My baby (she's 6) can have some attitude! Sometimes our roles reverse, and she becomes the boss. Then I end up running to my room in tears. Seriously. I just get overwhelmed. I'm working on that though. Its been a struggle. For all of us. I know that its our fault for giving her too much freedom starting when she was young. I'm just glad that we don't have other issues.
I've seen some kids in stores talk to their parents incredibly rude and I can't believe their parents are okay with it, and just keep the conversation going! Seriously! That's when the conversation is over in our house! Gotta remember who the parent is and who the child is. Luckily my youngest and I have come to terms with our issues, and understand each other for the most part. Usually she just thinks i'm not giving her enough attention, or she's way too tired. Or both!

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