Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Update.

That's how I was feeling this morning, when I was abruptly awoken by my husband saying he needed a ride to work. Usually those things are planned ahead. See, he usually rides a motorcycle to work. He knew I needed the car today. Otherwise he probably would've just taken it. I loathe mornings. Besides snakes, they are my 2nd worst enemy. Seriously. Hate them!!!
So, he had to try and get me up for about 15 minutes. I wasn't budging for anything. It just wasn't going to happen. I didn't want to. I thought maybe if I just fell back asleep, he'd get the hint that I wanted him to take the day off? HAHA. He's very dedicated to his job. That wouldn't happen. I'm very grateful for that.
The drive was very uneventful TO his work. Like always. Unless its bad weather. Then its terrible. Maybe this year we'll get a 2nd car. I'm so tired of this 1 car family business. Sure the motorcycle has helped...but seriously. Argh.
So on my 15-20 minute drive home, it was going pretty smoothly. I am not one of those drivers that thinks they have to change lanes to get going faster and weave in an out. I just stay in the same lane, unless the car in front of me is going way under the speed limit. Which sometimes happens on the major road we were driving home on this morning. I got behind one car, and it was going pretty steadily with the flow of traffic, not slower than the speed limit, and we were going thru every green light. So I was content. I followed them for about 5-7 miles. Maybe longer? It was one of the larger SUV's that's on the road today. It had been kinda doing a little weaving/swerving back and forth. But the road isn't exactly straight, so I didn't really make a big deal about it. Maybe I should've and gotten out of the way and moved into another lane.
After going thru a major intersection, and with cars waiting at a red light at the other side this car when "BAM" straight into a median! It paused for about 5 seconds then kept going. Seriously. I thought it would've stopped on the side of the road, checked out the damage it'd done. It went on for about another 3 miles, then finally stopped at the Wal-Mart. Right after it hit and didn't stop, I did make a phone call to report it. Not to make a police report...just to have the driver checked on. I don't know what was going on, or if anything was. But I sure don't want them to hurt anyone else. They were very lucky I was alert and was back far enough, and not one of those crazy drivers that follows so closely!! They're also lucky they didn't hit car or cars (or heaven forbid, people) and just hit a median.
On my way home tonite after picking up my husband 9 hrs later after the incident, I looked at hte median, and man is that thing alllll shredded. I can't believe the damage that was done! We were going about 30-35 miles an hour. The speed limit is 55 miles an hour there, but we hadn't gotten quite up to that speed yet. Thankfully.
People!!!! Drive safe! Don't drive distracted, Don't drive tired, Don't drive drunk or drugged! Please :)

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