Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5-Day 2

Here's to another day of 3 minute update blog.

I'm totally addicted to this new show I've been watching this new show, and its totally consumed my life. I mistakenly looked online to see who the "mystery person" is. Eek! Total shocker! Today, I worked a lot on my blog(s). I'm excited to have motivation again. Glad I'm able to do it, and watch this crazy tv-show. Glad I have netflix. :)

Got Bailey from school, and she had a great day today. YAY!!! When we got home, she did a little Dr. Seuss play for me. Little cutie. Then we played with Jazzy, and had a few red vines.

Then we went to 7-11 and got a drink while waiting for Dave to get back so we could go to the CHinese Immersion meeting that I had a paper that said it started at 6:30. But noooo it actually started at 6PM. Argh. Thanks stupid school. Confuse me. Bai had a hard time sitting still and was being kinda goofy. So I had to take her out. Dave wasn't too pleased at all. We then came home, and decided to go get smashburger and bring it home and Dave & Bai watched Wreck it Ralph, after Bai did her homework. She did her math homework so fast! So proud.

In great news, I got season 2 of Duck Dynasty in the mail (or delivery service today). For some reason whomever delivers it, FedEx, UPS, OnTrac, can't seem to figure out that the garage door, nor or side door is NOT our front door. I always get the text that says, you're package has been delivered, but can't find it at the front door. Its like a treasure hunt! LOL. Duck Dynasty is hilarious!!

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