Saturday, March 16, 2013


Okay, Okay, Okay...
I know I'm behind in my daily blogging thing. Out of all the weeks, to not do it-you've missed out on some serious drama round these parts!! Don't worry I will blog and backdate it, cause some things are just worthy, of remembering/sharing!!!
I have crazy dreams. Maybe its the medicine I take (another post of 29 posts, maybe), or the stress I'm under sometimes, but my dreams are just whack-o!!! Last nite, I fell asleep trying to work on my blog stuff, and had all these events I've gone to recently on my mind. I totally fell asleep with my iphone and ipod in hand. My laptop and ipad in my lap, and remotes directly to my left. Tv still on... Yes, I was laying in my bed. Like I said, its been in one of those weeks! HaHa.
Since December, I've met so many different people that have all these wonderful blogs. Seriously some of these people are just amazing. I secretly admire so many of them, and want to be just like them. Just as successful as them as well! One day. So, my blog is turning out to be okay, and I"ve done alright. Not that I can't do better. But i'm feeling okay so far.
I feel like there's a standard to uphold on how to dress, and how to act, and what kind of purse to have, and how to do your hair whenever I go to these events, and sometimes I get nervous. I'm not one of those girls that really cares too much. I'm shy most of the time, which makes me come off, as a not nice person. I really am a nice person! Get to know me! I've been thinking about how I can fit in with all these girls, and get a little confidence booster. A booster that's not just in my unique views I Get on my blogs each week/month etc... Apparently I've been thinking about it too hard.
My dream consisted of me going to this house, with my neighbor. I don't even know my neighbors that live to the left of us, because they've all just moved in recently, and plus remember how I said I was shy. Also, in my neighborhood I don't really fit in!! I buy my kids clothes 2nd hand, not at a boutique store! LOL. Anyways, my neighbor said she was a blogger and that she had an event to go to but needed her baby to come, but she needed to socialize and needed someone to hold her baby. I LOVE babies, and her baby was cute, so I obliged. Derrrr!
So I took care of the baby most of the nite, walked around with "my neighbor" a bit. Met some people, told them about my blog. Gave them some of my business cards etc. Ate some really good yummies. It was in a basement of a house that I thought no one lived in, but apparently someone did, they just never came out of the house. The house was really nice inside, and the people that lived there were totally nice. At the end of the nite, I was helping to clean up and some lady with weird dyed black hair and all dressed in black (creepy cause i'm totally picturing her) she smelled like vanilla too. Eek I hate vanilla!!! She gave me her card, and said, "If you want to come to anymore of these events you will have to host one at your house and be approved for membership of this club."
I took the card, and said okay, I'll look at my schedule and get back with you. Why does it feel like that at some of the events I go to, even though they aren't at peoples houses most of the time?! So weird. I was given a plate of snacks. It was a glass plate that was glued on to a bright green paper plate. Say huh?!?! For some reason, I was driving somewhere and holding the food out of the window of my car (which wasn't my car in real life), and they fell out or I dropped them, whatever. So I went out to get them. I didn't stop the car though, I just hopped out. Seriously. Whoever is a dream interpreter-and interprets these dreams is just going to tell me I have serious issues! LOL.

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