Thursday, March 21, 2013


Do you ever find yourself asking Why?
I think I ask it like every 5 seconds! Mostly to my kids, but sometimes its to myself.
Why did I agree to do this, or that? Why did I think that was an okay shirt to wear? Why did I just let the hair stylist give me that haircut? Etc...
I'm talking about the choices we make in our daily lives though. I was thinking deep thoughts. Why did I choose to get back into blogging? Why am I more into getting into the blogging networks and learning all these things? Why do I want to succeed so much in it?
Why am I on twitter? Why am I on pinterest? Why am I doing all these things?! And all those other social things, like and the like.
They have no real importance in my life...I won't die if I don't have them. Sure I enjoy all these things and they're fun. I just want to know why I've chosen to do all these things. I know i'm probably sounding weird for all this...but I just really want to know WHY? HAHA.
Why do I watch the shows I watch? Is it because everyone else is, so I feel the need to watch them? Or do I actually enjoy them? Same with music. I know that when I was younger, I used to do things cause everyone else was. Now that I'm older, and trying to teach my kids to be themselves, I find myself asking, am I doing this because I want to or because everyone else is, so I need to fit in?
I am only saying this, because I've found myself watching a whole season of a show cause someone said it was awesome, and I heard LOTS of people talking about it. So I wasted lots and lots of hours watching it, but not fully paying attention. I don't know. Its just me I guess. So my goal, starting today, is to be myself, and make my own decisions. Do things that I want to do, and not do it because lots of the world is doing it.
I want to enjoy who I am and what I do. I feel like I can't do that when I'm filling up my life with other things that are taking up my precious time, that I'm not taking anywhere with me in my life's future. I realize now I'm just rambling, and wasting my time. I don't hate myself, I just want to be a good person. :)

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  1. Great blog post..I enjoyed reading this! So if you tell me no to a show or app or website, its all good. Be you!